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Fish feeds account for a high proportion of fish farmers' costs, and the quality of feeds is a large determinant of yield..


Sow & Weaner. Fugo Sow and Weaner meal is a well-balanced meal for growing and breeding pigs.


Kienyeji mash is designed for use in rearing indigenous chicken which are meant for either egg or meat production..

Greatlakes feeds is a for profit social enterprise, working with fish farmers along the shore of lake victoria .—by enabling them to make money in fish farming. We manufacture low-cost high quality fish feeds that enable farmers to grow and sell their fish to the local community at affordable prices, thus enabling them to properly feed and educate their children, and plan for their futures.

Greatlakes feeds  does direct sales to cage fish farmers  and also sells the feeds  through local agri- shops, and we  are also partnering  with non-profit agencies to reach and educate the fish farmers on  appropriate method of fish  feeding and general  fish farming techniques .

Over 500 famers have already used Greatlakes feeds and many more are joining each month.


There is an urgent need to combat poverty, inequality, and hunger in Nyanza. Despite the region being at the shore  of lake Victoria, and the main food  of the people being fish, fish is still unaffordable to the majority, a great number of people do fishing as the main economic sustenance, but due to the fish scarcity, poverty and malnutrition still persist.

We aim to set all cage and pond farmer we work with on a positive trajectory so that once they embark on fish farming, they can make money and provide for their family.

After years of research, we have proven that our low-cost, high-quality, locally formulated  feeds are  the solutions to our fish farmers who aim for fast fish growth  at lower cost. Fish farmers no longer dependent on imported feeds or high cost feed that have for a long time hindered the fish farming growth in nyanza. Farmers  can now  produce fish more affordably  and are also able to sell to the local community and affordable prices , thus  results in improved food and income sustainability throughout the year to the local community.

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