Dedicated to providing the highest quality animal feeds

Greatlakes Feeds ltd is Registered Company located in Utonga Beach, Bondo, Siaya. The company   is a social for-profit enterprise owned by Namdar community of Siaya district which has been operating for the last 5 years.  Great lakes Feeds ltd is engaged in the production of high-quality animal feeds majorly fish feeds but also poultry, pig feeds and others. We are also producing high quality tilapia and catfish Fingerlings for sale to our farmers.

 We offer trainings to former fisher men, youth and women in modern fish farming techniques. equipping the community with the technique know-how that will enable them operate sustainable farming enterprise.

In making feeds, we use 90% local raw material as ingredients, being less dependent on market volatility of imported raw materials. Our feeds are affordable and available throughout the year.

We have opened several hubs very close to farmers reach so as to reduce on the transportation cost incurred by our farmers. We are also offering market linkages to our farmers, especially those farmers in very remote areas.

Our Vision is to build a resilient, profitable and sustainable farming products value chain that contributes to increasing farmers’ incomes, better livelihoods, promotes the blue and circular economy.

Our Mission is to be a number one animal feeds industry in Kenya.

Our Business Model

  • Built a robust database of Fish Farmers to easily aggregate demand.
  • Distribution models include stock deliveries for bulk purchases and distribution outlets in farming hubs.
  • Help build farmer incomes through consistent and predictable extension and training services.
  • Buy key raw materials from local smallholder farmers.